Kemper-s-SignUphill Travel Policy

Hiking, Skinning & Snowshoeing within the Ski Area Boundary

  1. Uphill travel within “closed” terrain is not permitted; Avalanche control work—including explosives use—may occur at any time.
  2. Closures are posted only at the TOP of trails; those entering from below shall be considered to be trespassers. Uphill travelers may check in with Ski Patrol for current closures, recognizing that status may change at any time.
  3. Traveling above “No Hiking Above This Point” signs is prohibited. These signs indicate sufficient avalanche hazard exists to warrant closure to all, regardless of whether one hiked up from the bottom, or whether one has or hasn’t used a lift ticket.
  4. The absence of the “No Hiking Above This Point” signage at the top of operating lifts indicates that uphill travel is permitted in ‘open’ terrain.
  5. When the resort is not in operation, hiking is allowed within the ski area, but avalanche hazard may exist, and control work may be in progress, without warning. Explosives and heavy machinery may be in use.
  6. Anyone boarding or attempting to board a lift without a valid lift ticket or pass shall be considered a trespasser.
  7. Accessing Silver Basin is permitted following checking in with Ski Patrol; Avalanche control, explosives, and heavy machinery may be in use at any time without warning.
  8. Uphill traffic must keep to the side of ski trails and well out of the way of downhill skier traffic.
  9. Pierce County leash laws apply in the developed ski area; unrestrained dogs’ handlers will be considered trespassers.

See Backcountry Safety for more information about your responsibilities when accessing terrain other than by lifts.

Crystal Mountain accepts no liability or responsibility for accidents that occur or as a result of uphill travel. RCW 4.24.210