General Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-week Registration opens July 15, 2015 with Early Bird Pricing, ending September 31st. The registration deadline date is December 17th. No late registrations accepted. Mark your calendars to register early, classes fill quickly. Popular all day and morning classes typically sell out before the registration deadline date.


Multi-week Lesson DatesMulti-week lessons run for 6 consecutive weekends, excluding President’s Weekend (February 13/14) resuming February 20/21. There are no make-up classes. If a class is canceled by the Crystal Mountain Snowsports School the series will be extended until all classes have been completed. If your student misses two of the first three lessons, they may be moved to a lower level class or be dropped from the Multi-week program. The Crystal Mountain Snowsports School reserves the right to reduce the length of time or cancel a class if minimum sign-up requirements are not met.

Multi-week Lesson Times
Half Day AM: 9:30-11:30am
Half Day PM: 12:30-2:30pm
Full Day: 9:30am-2:30pm with a lunch break

Classes leave promptly at their scheduled time. Please have your student at their class sign and ready to go at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. Late students will miss their class for the day and will not receive a refund or make-up day. We encourage you to plan ahead to allow for road conditions, parking, and shuttle time.

Class Changes
There will be a $25 fee for any class/program change after the registration deadline. This includes level changes, day changes, class changes, etc.


What if the class I want is full? Is there a Wait List?

If the class you want is full, the class selection on the registration page will offer a “Wait-list” button instead of “buy.” There is no charge to join the wait list. Session Options will be available once transferred from wait-list.

We will contact you immediately if there is an opening in the session between now and the registration deadline. Otherwise, classes will be reviewed for additional placement after the registration deadline (December 17th). If we are able to accommodate your request, we will give you a call then. Payment is due upon acceptance.

If you wish to register your student for an alternate class while they remain on the Wait List for another class, please email us so we can make notes on their registration. We will do our best to accommodate this transfer if it becomes available at no additional charge, however you will still be responsible for the difference in payment (if applicable). We will do our best to communicate the opening for your child to transfer to the class, but if you do not respond we will move on to the next wait-listed child.

How are classes assigned?

Students will be assigned to preliminary classes based on information provided at registration, however changes may be made throughout the season based on the needs of each student. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests by students to ski or ride with friends or siblings, as long as students are compatible by age, ability, and comfort with terrain and speed variations.

During the first session, Crystal Mountain Snowsports Staff will conduct an on-hill evaluation of the student’s skill level and their ability to fit into their group. Changes may be made at this time to insure that each student is matched correctly with each class.  Age, ability, and comfort with terrain and speed at which they travel down the mountain will be considered in making this decision.  Please note that students may move through levels 1-4, and possibly level 5, fairly quickly.  However, as kids enter the higher levels, it may take them several seasons to advance.  Please help your student understand this and not be discouraged if they are in the same level as last year.

Will my student change classes?

All students progress at different rates. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to change a students class during the program. Transfer requests by students or the Ski Program Coordinators must be brought to the attention of the Crystal Mountain Snowsports Supervisors. All requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Decisions will be based on feedback from the instructor of the class in question, the needs of the student, and that of the Ski Program Coordinator. Transfers without the permission of the Ski Program Coordinator and the Crystal Mountain Snowsports Supervisors will not be considered for approval.

How do I get my student in the same class as their friend?

Students may request to ski or ride with friends or siblings. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests as long as students are compatible by age, ability and comfort with terrain and speed variation. You can email friend requests to through the registration deadline of December 17th. After that, all class change requests, including friend requests, will be subject to a $25 admin fee (as class lists and instructor assignments will already be in process).

Does my student need a lift ticket?

A season pass is included in the price of this year’s multi-week lessons. All students are required to have a valid lift ticket on their person at all times. Season passes are non-transferable and will be checked. Sharing a season pass with a friend or family member is grounds for have season pass revoked without refund.

How will we get our student’s Season Pass?

At the end of registration, you will be given a link to the CM Season Pass webpage. If your student has had a Season Pass in the past, then you will log-in to confirm their information. If this is their first Season Pass, then you will create a new account, provide their information and upload a new photo (face only, please no goggles, hats, glasses, etc…). Once complete, Guest Services will process and mail the season pass. Please allow several weeks for processing. If you register after December 10, your season pass will not be mailed, but will be held at Guest Services for pick-up. Students must attend lessons to maintain season pass privileges. Season passes are non-transferable and will be checked. Sharing a season pass with a friend or family member is grounds for have season pass revoked without refund.

Where do we go on the first day?

Please meet in our Multi-week meeting area; walk up the main stairs, passed the Right Angle and you will see an open area with Multi-Week Lesson Flags. Students and parents may proceed directly to their designated class sign. Class signs are designated by level and age. Please know your child’s registered level prior to arrival. Freeride will meet at a designated area near flagpoles in plaza. Please arrive ready to go at least 15 minutes prior to the lesson start time. Late arrivals will miss the lesson.

What about lunch break for Kid’s All Day lessons?

Kids All Day lessons break for lunch from 11:30am-12:30pm. If you purchased a Kid’s All Day lesson (ages 7-10) a hearty lunch is included and is supervised by our instructors and staff. Lunches will be served at Campbell Basin Lodge or Crystal Mountain Day Lodge. Due to the limited amount of room, parents are not allowed to eat with students. We encourage parents to allow students to stay with their class for lunch, so when the class is ready to hit the slopes after lunch, all students will be present.

How do I make changes to my registration once I have registered?

Registration changes can be made up until the registration deadline date of December 17th, 2015. To make a change request, please send an email to Please include the following information in the Subject Line: Change Request, Child’s Name, program name & day. After the registration deadline, registration change requests are subject to a $25 administrative fee. This includes level changes, day changes, class changes, friend requests, dietary needs, etc… Changes and requests made within 48-hours of the lesson day may not be considered, so please plan ahead.

What if my child cannot participate in all six classes?

Make-up classes are not available. If your student misses the first lesson of a level 1 class, you will need to purchase and attend an additional Kids Club lesson or private lesson prior to the 2nd lesson. If level 1 student misses first 2 consecutive lessons, student will be dropped from program.

Students in levels 2 and above, missing 1 or more lessons will be evaluated by instructors and supervisors and placed accordingly. It’s likely that student will drop down a level or more, based on class progressions and student ability. The On-Snow Manager will have the final say in student placement.

What if I need to cancel after the registration deadline?

Refunds will be made up until the registration deadline of December 17th, 2015. After that, refunds may be allowed on a case by case basis under the following conditions:

  • If the student is moving from the local geographic area.
  • If the student is physically unable to continue as verified in writing by a physician.
  • If the Ski School does not complete all scheduled sessions. The Ski School reserves the sole right to refund or reschedule a canceled session, or to consider a partially completed session as complete.
  • There will be no refund for students removed from the program for disciplinary reasons.

Refunds can be requested by sending an email to Refund requests must be submitted with validating documentation and return of season pass, must be approved, and may take several weeks to be processed. Refunds are prorated according to date and are subject to $25 handling fee. Transportation costs (if applicable) will not be refunded. Multi-week Tickets and/or Season Pass must be returned to be considered in the refund request.