Sasquatch Terrain Park

Shred it, send it, slide it!

The Sasquatch Terrain Park is located under the Forest Queen chairlift, on Mr. Magoo. The park welcomes all ages and abilities and includes progressive features such as tubes, boxes, rails – and jumps!  Start small and slow and work your way up to bigger feature.  Slap Mr. Squatch a high five as you enter the park.  Have questions or suggestions, stop and chat with the friendly Park Crew.

Get updates, photos, videos and more on the Sasquatch Jib Park Facebook page.

We do not require a park pass but recommend that you follow the Smart Style Code.

Smart Style Code:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Look before you leap
  3. Easy Style it
  4. Respect gets respect

NSAA Terrain Park Safety Video