Hiking Trails & Wildflower Report

Summer is in full swing up here at the mountain and the wildflowers are begining to bloom! Now is a great time to hit the trails.  

Update: August 1st, 2017

Northway Trail: The trails are dry and it’s heating up to be another hot August in the mountains! There’s still an abundance of wildflowers in the meadows of the Northway Trail including Lupin and Indian Paintbrush. If you’ve ever wanted to frolic through a field of wildflowers, now’s your chance! If you decide to hike down the Northway Trail, bring lots of water as the weather is getting hotter and more dry as the summer continues.  There are not a lot of creek crossings in Northway until you exit the trail at the Sand Flats. 


Silver Creek to Crystal Mountain Trail: Once you get about half way up the Silver Creek Trail the wildflowers begin to appear. Hike up to Henskin Lake to enjoy a refreshing view of the mountains and a clear alpine lake. Continue hiking above Henskin Lake onto the Crystal Mountain Trail. When the trail opens up into a meadow under the Forest Queen Express Chairlift you will be pleasantly surprised by tons of wildflowers! 

Update: July 7, 2017

Summer flowers and gondola in the background

The hiking trails are mostly snow free, small patches remain in the shaded area above Henskin lake but will be completely melted by the end of the weekend.  Northway trail is snow-free and so is the Green Valley to Kelly’s Gap route.  

The meadows are lush with wildflowers right now so get out and enjoy nature’s colorful splendor.  The flowers are in their prime and the lakes are clear and refreshing.  


Update: June 28, 2017

Green Valley to Kelly’s Gap Trail: These trails are mostly clear! There is one patch of snow in the lower bowl of Green Valley that hiker’s will need to carefully navigate through and another patch below Rock Face on the Kelly’s Gap portion. Otherwise, enjoy a fun and beautiful hike! Wild flowers are not yet present in this area, but come mid-late July, there should be a valley full of flowers!

Silver Creek to Crystal Mountain Trail: As your leave the base area you’ll see some wildflowers beginning to bloom on the left hand side. Snow becomes an obstacle around Henskin Lake and in shaded areas. We suggest wearing sturdy hikingshoes/boots. Otherwise, this trail is mostly clear to the summit of Crystal Mountain and the Summit House Restaurant.

 Northway Trail: The top 1/3 of the Northway Trail is still covered in snow. If you are headed down or up on this trail, be sure that you know where you are going. Sturdy hiking shoes and hiking poles are recommended. The trail to the top of the Northway chairlift is clear of snow from the summit of Crystal Mountain.

As the weather becomes more consistently warm, more wildflowers wil begin to bloom! We’ll be sure to give you an update when that happens!

Happy hiking!