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General Info

Crystal Mountain Resort
33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd.
Crystal Mountain, WA 98022


Phone: 360.663.2265 Phone: 360.663.2265 Fax: 360.663.3001 Fax: 360.663.3001

Hotline: 1.888.754.6199Road Conditions: 1.800.695.7623Fire Department: 360.663.2634Hotline:1.888.754.6199Road Conditions:1.800.695.7623Fire Department:360.663.2634

Guest Services

Including Season Passes & Lost and Found

Office: 360.663.3050 Office: 360.663.3050 Fax: 360.663.3057 Fax: 360.663.3057

Snowsports School

Information & Reservations 360.663.3030Information & Reservations 360.663.303Multi-weeks 360.663.3036Multi-weeks 360.663.3036Fax: 360.663.3001 Fax: 360.663.3001

Ski Patrol

Dispatch: 360.663.3060Dispatch: 360.663.3060FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY 360.663.3064FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY 360.663.3064

Rental Shop

Office: 360.663.3042Office: 360.663.3042Rental Counter: 360.663.3040Rental Counter: 360.663.3040

Service Center

Sales Counter: 360.663.3049Sales Counter: 360.663.3049

Mountain Shop & Bootworks 

Sales Counter: 360.663.3043Sales Counter: 360.663.3043

RDL Test Center

Sales Counter: 360.663.3047Sales Counter: 360.663.3047

Food & Beverage

Office: 360.663.3098Office: 360.663.3098

Summit House

Restaurant: 360.663.3085Restaurant: 360.663.3085

Right Angle Sports Shop

Office: 360.663.3046Office: 360.663.3046Retail Counter: 360.663.3045Retail Counter: 360.663.3045

Group Sales & Marketing

Office: 360.663.3010 Group Sales: 360.663.3015Group Sales: 360-663-3015


Office: 360.663.3011Office: 360.663.3011