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These hardbound books are available at the Right Angle Sport Shop for only $32.95 while supplies last. Perfect for your cabin and home or as a gift.

Crystal Mountain: Built By Skiers tells the story of local skiers who turned a dream into a ski area. Started by adventurous skiing investors who wanted to build a better place to enjoy their sport, Crystal Mountain’s terrain offered that potential. Just fourteen miles from the picturesque volcano, skiers atop Crystal could “look Mt Rainier in the eye.” In celebration of the ski area’s fiftieth anniversary, Crystal Mountain: Built By Skiers captures the history of the founders, the early struggles to open the mountain, and the subsequent improvements to continue to meet the needs of investors and guests. The stories and characters that shaped Crystal Mountain offer insight into its history. Crystal Mountain: Built By Skiers takes the reader from the early scouting trips to Corral Pass and what was then known only as “Silver-Six,” through the battle to build the access road on the eve of the first opening season, to the triumphs and struggles of maintaining a growing number of stockholders, and finally to the ultimate sale to Boyne Resorts and development of the modern Crystal Mountain Founders Club. This book is for anyone who has skied or ridden at Crystal, enjoyed the limitless view from the summit or plunged down the steep, open Powder Bowl. It is for those who have tested their skills on Sunnyside under the watchful eyes of the chair riders, or ventured into the Southback to take on The King. This book is a celebration of the first fifty years of Washington’s largest ski area as well as a guiding light for the next fifty years.

2 responses on “History Book Now Available

  1. Jim Henriot

    do you have a copy available? Can you mail it? the history is close to my heart and means the world to me. thanks for your help!

    1. Tiana Anderson

      Please contact our retail store to order a copy, they can be reached at (360) 663-3045
      Thank you!

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