Merry Christmas and a Big Thanks from the Ski Patrol

Merry Christmas and a Big Thanks from the Ski Patrol

During big storms and deep snow we all need to take the additional safety precautions those conditions require. Last week really illustrates that point. We received almost 6 feet of snow and had phenomenal powder skiing. There were also inherent risks, including avalanches, that accompanied all that great skiing.
We experienced a close call associated with the risk of skiing expert terrain during deep snow conditions last Tuesday. Maybe this turned out well because we were lucky, but we also made some of our own luck.
So a big Thank You from the Ski Patrol to all our great Crystal skiers who were prepared for those conditions when Emily Anderson was completely buried on the I-5 trail last Tuesday. She was rescued quickly and is alive because everyone did what they were supposed to do. Emily had partners who witnessed the small avalanche. Skiers on scene called the Ski Patrol Emergency Number (360 663-3064).
The first patroller arrived at the site in 3 minutes because he was pre-positioned nearby just in case something like this occurred. What he found when he arrived was a number of capable Crystal skiers including Ryan Costello and Will Hart, searching with avalanche probes. Additional skiers carrying personal rescue equipment were quickly organized into an effective search team. A steady flow of Ski Patrollers arrived with avalanche dogs Kayla and Newman and rescue gear until the rest of the site was completely searched.
Even though Emily was not wearing an avalanche rescue beacon she was found in less than 15 minutes (Will and Ryan got the probe strike). This was a great team effort by all involved and a good example of the precautions all skiers should use when skiing expert inbounds terrain.

Thanks on behalf Crystal Mountain Resort and the entire Ski Patrol staff,

Paul Baugher
Patrol Director

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