Vacation Rentals

Lodge, cabin and home rentals are available at and around Crystal Mountain.

Private Home on Gold Hills

Gold Hills has incredible mid-mountain lodging at Crystal Mountain. Accessed by chairlift, snowmobile or snow-cat in winter or by dirt road or hiking in summer.

The Durkin Lodge
Located mid-mountain at Crystal Mountain Resort, the Durkin Lodge is 5000 sf at 5000’ elevation with panoramic views of the valley and ski runs. This is a wonderful accommodation for friends to share and for small business meetings. Your hosts provide winter access by snow cat. Contact – Tom Durkin (206) 650-8202

Club Lodges

Crystal Mountain
SKIBACS Boeing Employee Crystal Mountain Lodge
The SKIBACS Lodge is located within walking distance of the Crystal Mountain Ski Area in the Snoqualmie National Forest between “D” and “E” Lots. It was started in 1966 by club members with the support of the Boeing Employees Recreation Department to provide a year-round over-night facility at a cost lower than available at public facilities. Contact- 206-400-7542 or email:

Cabins Near Crystal Mountain

Located between Greenwater and Crystal Mountain Blvd

Crystal Mountain Cabins- Greenwater Rentals
VRBO Cabin Rental Website
The Vacation Rental Association- Crystal Mountain Vacation Rentals
The Vacation Rental Association- Mount Rainier Vacation Rentals

Berachah at Buck Creek Website
A wilderness camp nestled in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, Buck Creek is a short distance from majestic Mt Rainier and a quick drive from Crystal Mountain. Buck Creek offers a 24 room lodge, 26 person house and multiple cabins. Contact- 1-800-859-CAMP

Condos and Hotels at Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain Lodging Association Website (all four facilities)