Avalanche Safety


Beacon Practice Area

It is important to be prepared and know how to use an avalanche beacon when traveling in the backcountry. Hone your transceiver skills with the Easy Searcher practice system. Located at the Campbell Basin Lodge, the Easy Searcher activates beacons on six virtual avalanche victims with three levels of difficulty. The system is free and open 24/7. Check in with ski patrol for questions or assistance.

Avalanche Transceiver Check Station

The Avalanche Transceiver Check Station is located at Elk Pass, at Northway gate one. The system will check your beacon’s signal strength to ensure it is performing like it should. An audible beep indicates your beacon is operating properly.

Avalanche Training Courses

Our partners at Pro Guiding Service offer training courses featuring professional instructors. Learn More

Always Know What Is Above You

When resting while on the slopes, or around buildings, always be aware of what is uphill of your position. Do not stop below avalanche paths, or wait below roofs that are loaded with deep snow. Avalanches, and roofalanches, can occur at anytime within the Crystal Mountain Resort boundaries.