Guided Discovery Experience

Crystal Mountain’s Guided Discovery Experience teaching area is designed specifically for beginners and our team of qualified instructors will help new snow sports athletes build fundamental skills for a lifetime of winter adventures. We’re putting the fun back into learning!

Using terrain that has been manipulated to teach skiing and snowbaording is a revolution within the snowsports industry that makes learning to ski and snowboard easier than ever, eliminates fear and puts the focus back on fun. By using purpose-built snow features to intuitively facilitate the body movements and skills needed to make your first on-snow turns, Terrain Teaching moves away from your traditional ski and snowboard lesson and gets students moving and making those first turns faster than ever before.

This winter the Snowsports School will introduce 5 distinct learning features including: the mini-pipe, rollers and return walls, banked turns, the pump track and the perfect slope. Each feature is designed to assist the student in learning the fundamental skills needed for skiing or snowboarding, and eliminates the fear caused by the need to fight gravity from the learning process. With our new Guided Discovery Experience method of learning, guests at Crystal Mountain Resort can expect to find a fun and friendly environment that both entertains and challenges them the entire day.