Crystal Mountain has a loyal following, but we don’t have to tell you how great it is here, just take it from our special guests.

“Absolutely as good as it gets in Washington State! Baker has decent steeps – but less “flow” – Crystal has an EXTREMELY well designed lift system that allows backcountry laps all day long – easily can lap both North Back and South Back 10-20 times in one day – the terrain there is similar to Alaska or Italy – except you don’t need a helicopter – you can actually lap on serious backcountry all day long – maybe I should just keep this review to myself – yes – actually – the snow is horrible and there are super long lines everywhere – (wink wink)! Don’t come here!”
Roger L., Olympia 12/9/13

“Crystal Mountain has prolonged, uninterrupted powder runs through seamlessly spaced trees. Just incessant fall line runs through knee deep snow. Runs where you choke on powder, only to regain your breath between turns, before plunging back in the white froth that envelops you. Where silence encircles you. Only the resonance of your own breathing, the sounds of falling snow flakes and your friends laughing around you at their last implausible run. From its unending tree lines to its well manicured, rolling groomers, Crystal is the mountain that has it all.”
Ian Coble
Action Sports and Lifestyle Photographer

“I always look forward to coming home to Crystal. Every time I visited last winter it was awesome—no crowds, deep powder, and unbelievable tree skiing; we were just choking on powder! I love the new gondola….it’s so exciting to be able to get to all that terrain even quicker and easier.”
Ingrid Backstrom
Professional Freeskier

“Crystal Mountain is one of the last, best secrets. Hidden in Washington, with a beautiful view of Mount Rainer, and some of the friendliest locals I have ever skied with, Crystal Mountain had the best snow we skied in Washington. Not only was the snow great, the terrain was comparable to anything you will find in the Rockies. There are steep shouts and wide open Powder fields. If you are skiing in Washington, Crystal Mountain is the only place to go.”
Jess McMillan
Freeskiing World Champion 2007, US Freeskiing National Champion, 2007

“One of my best memories of Crystal was in November of 2006 when we received over 100 inches of cold snow in a week and then the skies cleared and the bluebird sang! It was the best conditions I have skied at Crystal in 25 years. And to prove it I got two 2 page spreads in Skiing Magazine from that week . Ski hard and ski often and you wont miss those perfect days!”
Keith Rollins
Right Angle Sports Shop Store Manager

“I’ll definitely be back (hopefully this season)! It’s been pretty easy to spread the word about Crystal’s terrain. Rory Bushfiled and I weren’t lying when we said it was the best day of resort skiing this season.”
Johnny Stifter
Powder Magazine

“My phone rings as I’m on the chair at Crystal and all I want to do is ignore it, but noticing it’s a local Seattle number I pick it up. Turns out it’s Tim Petrick, keen as ever to shoot pictures. I agree to meet him. I hang up and get off the lift. Not sure if it was the snow billowing up to my chest on every turn or the sparkle of the sun through the snow particles in the air that all the hippies fall in love with, but instantly, I have forgotten all about taking any pictures and I find myself back on the chair going back for more. Four more runs into it and I meet up with the crew of freeskiers shooting photos with multiple photographers. Petrick, Steve Siig and Adam Clark behind the lens, Ingrid Backstrom, Jess Sobolowski, Cody Barnhill, Billy Poole and others are doing one turn wonders for the camera. We pose up, crack a few jokes, and keep the pace fast because we are all jonseing for exactly what we live for; going up and down the mountain, in the sun, with friends, and powder snow.”
JT Holmes
Professional Freeskier

“I’m new to boarding, but I’ve been to Snoqualmie, Stevens and now Crystal. Locally this is the BEST mountain for Washingtonians! Worth the extra 30min drive from the city! In the past month I’ve gone 3 times & lucked out each time with beautiful sun & fresh powder.

Since I’m a beginner I took a lesson which took up the whole day for only $75 while my more advanced friends enjoyed Crystals 30+ trails! I can’t say enough how amazing the staff is here! Let’s face it….I’m chunky, clumsy and athleticism to me is how many reps of my fork to my mouth it takes me to finish my coconut pie…and yet my instructor was able to teach me how to snowboard. By days end I was carving down the intermediate slopes. No more downhill ass ridin’ & “garage sales” for this kid!! “
Tien T.
yelp.com review

“Initially, I was disappointed to find the lunch shack at the top of the Rainier Express chairlift had turned into an upscale Bistro. I had resolved myself to the fact that the amazing views from this primo location would be reserved for those willing to fork out the $$$ and an hour + of precious pow time; until my friend persuaded me to stop for lunch there.
First, as mentioned, the views are incredible on a clear day. You feel like you could reach out and touch Rainier. It’s obvious why they tout themselves as ‘Washington’s Highest Restaurant!’
Second, you are honestly not paying that much more for a meal here than you would down at the base of the mountain and the food is much higher quality and way more delicious!
Three, the food is wonderful! The chef does a great job preparing a variety of dishes I would categorize as “northwest cuisine”. How they get the crab and ahi up there? Who knows. But I’m glad they do!
Four, they have wine! Enough said.
Lastly, if you’re not willing to stop and sit down, don’t fret. Order lunch to go.”
Marisa R.
yelp.com review

Perfect Place on Earth – “The perfect place on earth is the pristine Crystal Mountain, located in the central Cascades on the Western side of the Pacific Crest in Washington. Crystal Mountain is one of the best hidden treasure in Washington, with its breathtaking views, natural wildlife, fresh crisp air, and surreal silence that surrounds you. Crystal Mountain’s 2,600 acres change scenery with each season: white fluffy snow in the winter, exquisite waterfalls in the spring, beautiful flowers in the summer, and orange-gold trees in the fall. The winter season truly brings this perfect place to life. Crystal Mountain is appropriately named for the crystal snow that blankets the mountain.
Prior to reaching Crystal Mountain, you’re in for a treat. Your journey to the perfect place on earth begins in the small town of Enumclaw. The easterly drive from Enumclaw to Crystal Mountain is like no other. The windy roads and beautiful cliffs set the mood. Your heart will race with excitement as you pass through the Greenwater woods, lined with fir trees that reach endlessly high into the sky. The anticipation increases. Your stomach fills with butterflies and your body tingles with anxiety as you enter Crystal Mountain’s parking lot.
Prolonged, uninterrupted powder runs through seamlessly spaced trees. The excitement increases as you begin to make your way through the knee-deep snow and enter the warm, wooden lodge. The smell of hot chocolate soothes the soul. The lodge swarms with fellow enthusiasts for this perfect place. Outside the lodge the air is brisk. Snowboarders and skiers anxiously await their turn to ride the chair lift to the summit. Your love for this place continues as you venture down the slopes of Crystal Mountain. As you begin your run, you get the feeling that you are the only person there, just you and the mountain. Regain your breath and plunge into the white froth. The resonance of your own breathing and the sound of falling snow flakes encompass every part of your senses. Crystal is the mountain that has it all.
The journey home from Crystal Mountain is a bitter one. It saddens me as I leave this beautiful mountain, watching as it fades away in the background. However, the memories of the wonderful days I experienced in this perfect place helps me look forward to the day I can return-coming home to Crystal.
Crystal Mountain is truly the perfect place on earth. The change of scenery, the drive and the beautiful winter season makes this place incomparable. If you are in Washington, Crystal Mountain is the only place to go.”
Kai Laxa
Buckley High School, 11th Grade